JBSP Mandal

Established in 1970 in Georai, the Jai Bhavani Shikshan Prasarak Mandal embodies the noble ideal of "Service to humanity is service to God." Forlorn and forsaken by the Nizam, Georai was in extreme need of higher education. Hon. Shri. Shivajirao (Dada) Pandit, former Minister of Maharashtra State, took the lead in promoting education in Marathwada's rural areas. The Jai Bhavani Shikshan Prasarak Mandal was formed with the mission of dispelling the darkness of ignorance through education.

The institute's foundation in Marathwada reflects a passionate effort to provide knowledge to those who suffered under the Nizam's rule. As the region liberated itself, the institute symbolizes the community's journey towards progress, countering the backwardness imposed by the Nizam's regime.